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With Ovvio Uno Admissions Consulting , you don’t just work closely with one experienced MBA admissions consultant to optimize every bit of your application.

You work with an entire team of professionally trained experienced consultants, who provide extensive feedback throughout the application process.

Right from reflecting on your past experiences and identifying programs that will move you towards your goals to drafting your essays carefully, thoughtfully, and conducting mock interviews, Ovvio Uno’s team-based approach ensures you stand out and get accepted into your dream business school. 

8 Steps in MBA Admissions Consulting Process

In order to maximize the probability that you will be admitted to your dream program, our talented and most experienced admissions consultants will guide you through every step of the admissions process.

MBA Admissions Consulting


1. Introspection and Strategy Building

Our professionally trained and well experienced consultants will guide you through brainstorming and introspection process to identify areas of strength from all aspects of your life: academic, professional and personal. 

This process includes helping you realize your short term and long term goals and create a Personal MBA Strategy to achieve them. 

We will devise a sound strategy and develop a road map that will positively affect consequtive years of your life and well beyond. So, you must consider  your trajectory from multiple vantage points in order to most effectively position yourself for your desired outcomes.

2. School Selection

Our expert team provide a thoughtful and careful insight and expertise to help you identify programs that are aligned with your short term and long term goals, values and test scores.

Our experts come up with a brilliant combinations of B Schools in such a way so that candidate applies to a mix of stretch, target and safety schools.

3.Essay Brainstorming, Outlining, and Editing

Our core team provides guidance you through essay outlines to nail down the structure for a compelling narrative for each program. We make sure that each story remains in resonance with who you are as a candidate (from your Personal MBA Strategy), and how your profile connects with each MBA program’s own unique culture.

A most experienced member of our core team will again join the discussion to provide detailed feedback on your outlines before you proceed with your first drafts. 

Ovvio Uno will also ensure that your outlines resonate with the school, via insights and expertise that our team shares. 

We will ensure to edit each essay to hone its content, ensuring that you answer the prompt directly and completely.

4.Resume Development and Application Support

We fetch real resumes from resume of top notch MBA programs to help you to create an MBA-ready document that aligns with your strategy. Our experts’ team will assist with crafting any answer responses to ensure that we’ve left no stone unturned in communicating why you are a perfect fit for each program.

MBA Admissions Consulting


5. Recommender Guidance

Our consultants will help you to identify the best individuals to support your applications through recommendations. We will work with you to provide each recommender with the appropriate information about your school selection and strategy to ensure the strongest possible recommendations.

In case your current supervisor is not willing to write a recommendation, we will help you crafting an optional essay explaining your recommender selection.

6. School Specific Insights and Proofreading

To complement the thorough outlining and drafting guidance our experts’ team provides, we make sure that each set of essays is reviewed by a School Specific Reader who provides both strategic and stylistic feedback as they relate to tone, as well as the school’s culture and values.

 A professionally trained proofreader reads the final drafts to fetch error(s) to ensure that the essays are ready for submission.

7. Interview Preparation

Our consultants guide you through the MBA interview process by sharing our insider knowledge, providing you with school specific interview tips, sharing mock interview questions with instructions on how to craft your responses, and providing mock interviews and feedback.

8. Decision Counselling

When admissions decisions are in, we guide you in deciding which program you should attend based on all of the factors that will affect your future: occupational, financial, cultural, geographical, and any other areas that are important to you and your future. Our professionally trained consultants will also assist you in case you are waitlisted, they will help you develop and implement your waitlist strategy successfully. 

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You work with an entire team of professionally trained experienced consultants, who provide intensive feedback throughout the application process ! 

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Ovvio Uno’s team-based approach ensures you stand out and get accepted into your dream business school. 

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MBA Consulting Packages


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