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What Ovvio Uno Offers !

 Ovvio Uno means obliviously one ! These are the words that define our approach to college admissions so, we all are with you to make sure your dream come true.  Ovvio Uno ensures that we all are working together in your best insterest to admit you in a college that's best for you. We have a team of professionally trained experts to provide best guidance to you throughout the admissions process. 

How Ovvio Uno expert-team works for you !!

Our expert-team consists of professionally trained consultants and you, and you will be at the focus of this group throughout the consulting time-span. 

In order to deliver the best ever 'undergraduate Admission Consulting' services, We have layered our services as under: 

1. Full time Consultant

2. Experienced strategist

3. Senior reviewer

4. Professionally trained proofreader

5. Record Manager 

Now let's move towards the first step of most exciting journey of your success by showing how beautifully we engage you with our expert-team.


Undergraduate Admissions Consulting

1.Full time Consultant

We appoint an experienced consultant matching with your profile. Our consultants help you very carefully with expert guidance by working together with you at each subsequent stage of college admissions process. Along with this, we all are there to devise a best plan for you to get into the college that best fits in all respects. .

2.Experienced strategist

We appoint a strategist having extensive admissions experience. As you and your full time consultant have finalized the 5th draft of your essay, we forward it to strategist for review.Upon reviewing, experienced strategist comes out with high level feedback for each essay. In fact, he provides a simulated adcoms experience because you receive a feedback of neutral tone.Now, both you and your full time consultant incorporate this into the final draft of your essay. 

3.Senior reviewer

We appoint an alumni of school where you're applying for better insights.Your  reviewer reviews both the common application essay and each school specific essays. They come up with thorough insights related to academic and culturally best fit that you have reflected in your essay for each program.Now, you and your full time consultant incorporate this high level feedback to shine your essays at their best to ensure your best fit.     

4.Professionally trained proofreader

We appoint a professional proofreader who actually edits your essays once you have incorporated the previously given feedback from previous reviews. Now, when you and your full time consultant feel that your all essays are ready for submission, they will forward it to the proofreader again. Now,proofreader will eliminate grammatical errors, typos, any other mistake.This process actually makes you more confident for final submissions. 

5. Record Manager

We know how cumbersome the application process can be so, we appoint a caring manager to simply all of your logistic and service needs . In fact, your caring manager sets the benchmark throughout the admissions process.You can expect instantaneous reply for all of your queries even at mid night too !

Our Consulting Packages

Unified Undergraduate Consulting Package

Unmatched round the clock support for all the 6 applications. 

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Unified Undergraduate Consulting Package (RUSH)

Hard-pressed for time ? Don't Worry 

Unmatched round the clock support in stipulated time-frame

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